mike wazowski opens up a tattoo shop called Monsters Ink

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becoming older than 10 years old was the biggest mistake of my life

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[HQS] 5 Seconds of Summer perform on the Today Show - July 22nd, 2014 

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  • my friend who doesn't watch wrestling: does brock lesnar talk?
  • me: you don't want to hear brock lesnar talk


how does wikipedia know the height of every celebrity

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well someone had to & ash you’re next

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Harry & Louis with a fan at Jay and Dan’s Wedding

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Regram from @mmmitzi because this is so on point with how I’ve been feeling lately. Thanks for the inspiration girl!

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" it’s just a joke, relax! "

" you’re all overreacting! "

this is someone’s fucking daughter.

if you think anything about this is ok because it’s ” just a joke ” you’re a seriously disgusting individual. 

twitter normalizing pedophilia 

Im gonna fucking throw up

thats a child….. she literally look 5

This is the most disgusting thing i seen in a while she look 5 how can u be attracted to and/or joke about doin bad things with her. How is this funny.

Not even 5. Try 3 or 4 y’all. THIS IS A BABY. This is not funny in any way. This is pedophilia. This little girl probably can’t even spell her name and she is being exploited for twitter “jokes”. THIS IS FUCKING SICK. If you’re active on twitter, please report this shit if you see it. This is unacceptable. 

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i think i made a kinda good point here

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